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Reach a readership interested in Saskatchewan people, places, history, legends and culture. We get hundreds of visitors per day (request our Google Analytics report), most from Western Canada, many from right here in Saskatchewan. [Updated 2012]

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Virtual Saskatchewan can deliver qualified visitors to your website. Call us now at (306) 290-5378.

Some of the Nice Stuff They've Said About Our Zine Over the Years

“There are many great stories to tell in Saskatchewan and Virtual Saskatchewan does an incredible job bringing them to light in an entertaining, enlightening and informative way. This is of huge benefit to our tourism industry.” — Gerard Makuch, Manager of Advertising, Tourism Saskatchewan.

"Virtual Saskatchewan is giving our business the best profile it has on the Internet. The quality of Virtual Saskatchewan makes it the kind of publication we want to be affiliated with." — Debbie Greening, Land of the Loon Resort and Conference Centre.

Virtual Saskatchewan presents a "wealth of information'' in "an eye-pleasing manner. The site has it all.'' — J.A. Carroll and Rick Broadhead, Canadian Internet Handbook.

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