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Grey Owl's Cabin - The first half of the story focuses on a hike to the cabin of the late 1930s naturalist and writer, the rest looks at the man and his fascinating, and fraudulent, life.

Grey Owl Biography - The skinny on Grey Owl, including books by and about him.

Living off the Land - Meet the Bashutski family, typical Saskatchewan grain farmers.

Tales of Wood - A profile of Saskatoon wood-turning artist Michael Hosaluk.

Guy Vanderhaeghe - Two-time winner of Canada's highest award for literature. The late Mordecai Richler said Vanderhaeghe's The Englishman's Boy "it's a stunning performance".

What, Me Worry? - A Saskatchewan original, sculptor Joe Fafard is renowned for his amusing cows and caricatures.

Teach a Man to Farm - European settlers to Saskatchewan found farming here to be far different from what they were accustomed to. William Motherwell used distance education to deliver critical agricultural information to widely-dispersed communities. His medium? The train.

Computers and Clay - Down to earth and out in cyberspace with potter Michelle Harris.

Rum Runner Moon - Laurence 'Moon' Mullin is the last of the 'tunnel crawlers' from Moose Jaw's wild Prohibition days.

Tales from the Boozorium - The late Butch Carroll had an interesting after-school job in the 1920s; he was a rum runner.

Mastering Gold - Saskatoon goldsmith and designer Megan Broner apprenticed with an Italian master but has a style all her own.

The Sudeten Saga - When the Sudetenland was ceded to Hitler in 1938, it became a dangerous place for Germans who didn't support him. Imagine what it was like for anti-Nazi tradesmen and professionals secreted from the occupied Sudetenland to begin life anew in Saskatchewan, as farmers.

Count Imhoff - German Count Berthold Von Imhoff created an unlikely island of Italian High Renaissance art within the rolling and wooded farmland of St. Walburg, Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan's Own - Twenty-five Saskatchewanians who've made their mark: Joni Mitchell, Allan Fotheringham, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Dick Assman. . .

Looking Glass - The Glass Wheatfield gave artist Jacqueline Berting critical acclaim and a popular following. It also spawned a mini industry of glass wheat.

The Scots are Coming! - Bob and Lesley Young left Scotland to farm in Saskatchewan, and now they're inviting their friends to join them.

Range Rider - Not many people can tell you the trick involved in "swimming" a herd of cattle across a river. Meet oldtime cowboy Pete Perrin.

Where Pigs Fly - The venerable Village of Englefeld, where community spirit is a tangible resource.

Gabriel Dumont - Vancouver writer Gordon McIntyre looks at the life of the brilliant Metis military commander who personified the spirit of a people.

Co-op Toques - From Tisdale to Tinseltown with Saskatchewan comic Brent Butt.

The Giant Beaupre - The extraordinary tale of Edouard Beaupre, of Willowbunch, who, at 8'2", was worth as much dead as alive.

Horse Trading with Sir John A. - Fur trader Jean-Louis Legare showed skill and compassion during the Riel and Sitting Bull affairs.

Wide Mouth Mason - A Saskatoon band gains momentum opening for the Stones.

Ten Years After - Former Saskatchewan Roughrider place-kicker Dave Ridgway looks back at the boot that won the 1989 Grey Cup.

Etching Ivory - David Goldsmith uses woolly mammoth tusk in his scrimshaw because it's plentiful, and its use doesn't threaten wildlife.

Master of Willow - Jim Steadman is the best bent-willow furniture maker in Canada.

Bottled Combines - Preeceville's Don Paterson builds combines in bottles. For a retired farmer, the subject matter is more appropriate than ships. Just ask the boys down on coffee row.

G'day Eh? - Here's an Aussie with one heck of a great outlook on life.

The Infamous Sam Kelley - To the gentle burghers of Debden, near Prince Albert, Sam Kelly was just another homesteader. But down in the Big Muddy, Kelley was known as the notorious outlaw Red Nelson.

Bill Barry - Bitulithic, a long-ago quarry operation located near Aylesbury, provided rock for roadways across the Prairies.

Bill Barry - People places expert Bill Barry looks at the life of Karl Lorch, the man who invented the 'snowplane'.

Jordan Cook - This young blues guitarist from Saskatoon is getting the attention Maclean's Magazine says he deserves. Attention from people like B.B. King, for instance.

Bill Barry - Bill discovers a new and fascinating tale about the origins of the name Bredenbury, a town near Yorkton.

To the Top - Saskatchewan's Denise Martin is the first Canadian woman to visit the North Pole. And she got there on skis.

Saskatchewan's Own 2 - From business, the arts, comedy, science, sport and more, here are another 25 Saskatchewan folks who made their mark.

Bill Barry - British poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson's favorite nephew Bertram spent much of his short life on the Prairies, including a stint as a stage driver in Moosomin.

Bill Barry - Bill pays tribute to Corky Jones, a "bone hound" whose discoveries laid the foundation for dinosaur research and tourism in southern Saskatchewan.

Bill Barry - Why did an aristocractic Englishman, with business interests from Sacramento to Montreal, chose to live near Moosomin, Saskatchewan?.

Place and Pottery - Potter Mel Bolen's place is in Saskatchewan. And he's likely going to give it away to a young potter in a few years.

Bill Barry - Bill's "tales from the hills west of Moose Jaw" include the story of Patrick "Paddy" Doyle, the last surviving member of the North West Mounted Police.

Hero for Hire - Victoria Cross hero and surgeon Campbell Mellis Douglas played a curious role in the North West Resistance of 1885.

Saskatchewan's Own 3 - Joni Mitchell isn't the only Saskatchewan woman to score a million seller on the pop charts. Read the third instalment in our series about accomplished Saskatchewan folks.

Comet Tale - Saskatchewan resident Vance Petriew staked his claim on a piece of the Heavens with his 2001 discovery of Comet Petriew.

Winging It - The life of a Mountie stationed in northern Saskatchewan in the early 1950s could get pretty interesting, especially when bush pilot "Lefty" McLeod was around.

Funny Guy - Saskatchewan born comic Brent Butt is flying high with his half-our sit-com Corner Gas, on CTV. It's prairie humour with wide appeal.

The Adamites - Here's another Bill Barry tale about fire-and-brimstone preachers from the U.S. who were decidely wrong in their belief Saskatchewan's Doukhobors were their soulmates.

Place and Person - Sure, we are what we eat. But we're also tightly bound to—and a part of—our place.

Parks - Natural and Historic

Prince Albert National Park - Saskatchewan's first national park was home to the late naturalist and writer Grey Owl.

Fort Walsh - This historic fort in the Cypress Hills area of what's now southwest Saskatchewan was where the newly-formed North-West Mounted Police established their presence. They came to halt the whiskey trade and earn the trust of Indians.

Lodgepole Legacy - Beautiful, bountiful land and a temperate climate have attracted visitors to the region now known as Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park for thousands of years.

Meadow Lake - Twenty-five clear lakes and plenty of campgrounds and resorts make this one of the province's most popular provincial parks.

Majestic Madge - Duck Mountain Provincial Park, featuring beautiful Madge Lake, is a great spot for golfers and campers.

Greenwater Park - The kids will love the great beach and wonderful playgrounds in this provincial park. You will too.

Narrow Hills - This rugged, rolling, near-wilderness park offers a straight-up outdoor experience for backpackers, trout anglers and campers. Interesting glacial effects and a nice little beach, too.

Makwa Lake Park - A compact, off-the-beaten-path provincial park featuring five lakes, three beaches, three campgrounds and a pretty nine-hole golf course.

Batoche - This national historic site commemorates the Metis struggle for rights and recognition and how in 1885 it led to the Battle of Batoche.

Trading in Fur - A visit to Fort Carlton Provincial Historic Park is a journey back to the days when the fur-trade ruled the North West.

Douglas Park - Named after the man who created North America's first publicly funded health-care system, this park features an enormous man-man lake, endless beaches and a sand dune area that's great for exploring.

La Ronge - Saskatchewan's largest park encompasses thousands of lakes, islands and streams in the rugged grandeur of the Canadian Shield.

Candles on the Lake - Beautiful sandy beaches, forests flush with wildlife and a legend about lights on the lake are some of Candle's inviting charms.

Moose Mountain Park - It was a popular vacation spot before Saskatchewan was a province. 'Kenosee' has a long tradition of summer fun.

Battlefords Park - Here's great camping in a recreational park noted for boating, fishing, skiing, swimming, beach volleyball, great sunsets and a beautiful golf course.

Fort Battleford - Some of the most dramatic events associated with the uprising of 1885 occurred in Battleford and the surrounding region. This national historic site puts them into context.

Grasslands National Park - A mix of uplands, badlands and big skies, Grasslands preserves the plants, birds, animals and cultural resources of the untamed prairie.

Prairie Gentry - Cannington Manor was a fascinating but unsuccessful effort to launch a Victorian community on the prairies of what's now Saskatchewan.

Wild Woods - Clarence-Steepbank Lakes Provincial Wilderness Park is the most accessible wilderness park in Saskatchewan. That hasn't spoiled the experience.

True Gems - Jade, Diamond, Opal, Sapphire and Pearl lakes glitter under the sun in a quiet corner of Narrow Hills Provincial Park. The tiny, deep and tightly-grouped Gem Lakes offer great hiking and, apparently, pretty decent trout fishing, too.

Baker's Coulee - The Red Coat Trail in southwest Saskatchewan cuts through arid countryside between Shaunavon and Eastend. But 10 minutes north of the road lies one of the prettiest regional parks in Saskatchewan, and memories of the extraordinary man who developed it.

Top 10 Beach - The beach at Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park is rated one of the top 10 in Canada. It's no wonder.

Magnetic North - Northern Saskatchewan seldom fails to delight and surprise. That's why places like Lac la Ronge Provincial Park tug us back again and again.

Places of Interest

The Fish Aren't Talkin' - Indian legend tells of a mean-spirited beast in Turtle Lake. . .

Men in Red - The RCMP Centennial Museum in Regina illustrates the storied history of the force.

Sunset Ceremony - A photo essay on the RCMP Sunset Retreat Ceremony.

The Loons of Anglin Lake - The highest density of loons in North America are found at a beautiful lake on the southern edge of Saskatchewan's boreal forest.

Sand, Wind and Time - The Great Sand Hills region is one of the most surprising and delightful places in Saskatchewan.

August@Home - Vancouver journalist Gordon McIntyre reflects on his home province of Saskatchewan.

Nature's Itinerary - The Kleins aimed to explore the famous song-bird habitat of Dore Lake. But Nature intervened.

T.rex Plus - The marquee attraction at Eastend's new dinosaur centre is "Scotty" the T.rex. But there's plenty more to see and do at the T.rex Discovery Centre.

A Moment in Time - Fossilized dinosaur dung sheds new light on T-rex and his environment.

Riskan Hope - Riskan Hope farm is a familiar site to people travelling from Regina to Saskatoon. Far less familiar is its congenial history.

Secret Sands - The intriguing but fragile Nipekamew Sand Cliffs could not withstand heavy publicity.

Mayfair Hardware - It's the place to go when you can find it anywhere else. But it's also a place to go when you're not sure what you're looking for.

Dief Centre - From scale model cars to Magna Carta, there's always something new at The Diefenbaker Canada Centre.

Outlaw Rule - The Early Days in the Canadian West weren't nearly as tame as some suggest.

The Badlands - Canyons, buttes, vultures, cacti, cowboys, Indians, outlaws and Mounties. The Big Muddy is an intriguing place.

St. Victor Petroglyphs - These rock carvings near Assiniboia may hold clues to some of the earliest residents of the northern plains.

Yesterday Tomorrow - Beautiful surroundings, a lively cultural scene and an absorbing history make The Battlefords popular with tourists. And history could make the area much more popular in the future.

Our Beach - Southeast Saskatchewan's Good Spirit Lake features one of the "child friendliest" beaches in the province. It's become a favorite for Paul Yanko and his family.

New Digs - The Tunnels of Moose Jaw is a captivating, interactive, subterraneous journey through the underworld of Moose Jaw in the Roaring Twenties.

Engaging History - Story, legend and history come together in Moose Jaw to provide great raw material for a tourism industry.

Robertson's - Visitors to La Ronge should not miss the opportunity to drop in to this one-of-a-kind store. Say "Hi!" to the trappers.

Good Time - Wilkie's Antique Clocks, in Saskatoon, is a good place to explore the ingenuity and craftsmanship of precision clock making.

Duck Lake's Outdoor Gallery - Colorful murals illustrating historic events, characters and landmarks adorn walls at a dozen locations in this small community just north of Saskatoon.

Spa Splendor - Book ahead of time, well ahead of time, if you wish to experience Moose Jaw's extraordinarily popular Temple Gardens Mineral Spa on a weekend.

Dog Town - Saskatchewan is the only place in Canada to observe the fascinating animal community known as the prairie dog town.

A Wheat Museum - Hepburn's old Pool elevator has won a new lease on life. It's now the Hepburn Museum of Wheat.

Red Serge Plus - Fort Qu'Appelle's rich history of fur trading and Mounties is well represented in artifacts at the local museum. But the real gems are found among the other stuff.

Valley of Legend - The setting for The Legend of the Qu'Appelle Valley, by the late Metis poet E. Pauline Johnson, today is cottage country and one of the most popular, four-season recreation spots in Saskatchewan.

Baker's Coulee - The Red Coat Trail in southwest Saskatchewan cuts through arid countryside between Shaunavon and Eastend. But 10 minutes north of the road lies one of the prettiest regional parks in Saskatchewan, and memories of the extraordinary man who developed it.

Fit for a River - Canoeing expert Laurel Archer has written a book reviewing 15 northern Saskatchewan river journeys, giving the would-be canoe tripper the opportunity to choose one that fits her skills and abilties.

Shumi and Rumely - The Western Development Museum's "Heritage Farm & Village" branch in North Battleford offers a comprehensive view of our rural past, with a few surprises.

Luck and Legacy - The building housing Casino Regina has a fascinating history.

Chitek Repose - With paved roads almost all the way there, nice beaches, good fishing, and lots of other lakes nearby, it's no wonder Chitek Lake is becoming a popular spot.

Danceland Dig - This classy old dancehall located on the shores of mineral-rich Manitou Lake has echoed the sounds of music and laughter for many decades and it's still going strong.


Wanuskewin: Seeking Peace of Mind - A world-renowned celebration of Northern Plains Indian culture, near Saskatoon.

Turkey and Tobacco - 'Thanksgiving' can fall on any day of the year for traditional First Nations people.

Endangered Stones - The revered and mysterious medicine wheels of the Northern plains are in jeopardy.

Powwow Drums - World-champion Red Bull is one of the best aboriginal drum groups in the world.

Visions on Rock - The aboriginal rock paintings of the Churchill River may represent spiritual 'vision quests'.

Plains Indian City - The area that's now Saskatoon has been inhabited for 6,000 years. And one archaeologist says it's time the city reflected that fact.

Culture and Spirit - Medicine woman, educator and an expert on Woodland Cree culture, Sally Milne is also an artist who makes exquisite birch bark bitings.

Nature's Guardians - Traditional Woodland Cree culture tells of elfin beings who protect Mother Earth and disseminate information about herbal medicines.

Poundmaker - He was on course to become the principle leader of the Plains Cree until a questionable conviction landed him in prison, and eventually killed him.

Playing Poundmaker - It's difficult to imagine how anyone could bring more to the role of Cree Chief Poundmaker than Saskatoon actor Tyrone Tootoosis.

Mistaseni Rock - Before dams on the South Saskatchewan and Qu'Appelle rivers created one of the most popular recreational spots in Saskatchewan, the Lake Diefenbaker area was home to a large rock held sacred by First Nations peoples.

Potpourri - Ghost Hunts, Wagon Treks, Whooping Cranes.

Harvesting Nostalgia - An old-fashioned threshing bee grows in popularity.

The St. Louis Ghost Train - A phantom light on an abandoned railway track is one of Saskatchewan's most enduring mysteries.

Family Ghost Hunt - A late-night stakeout in ghost train territory.

Trail Ride to Yesterday - The annual Heritage Wagon Trek attracts hundreds to a re-creation of an old, cross-country mail ride.

Look, it's something Vertical! -- You've seen 'em on calendars and TV news reports. But do you know how a grain elevator actually works?

Crane Spotting - Saskatchewan is the best place in the world to observe the rare and elegant whooping crane during its southern migration.

Whoopers - An endangered species makes headway, but a new, wild flock would be welcome insurance.

Waterworks - Join Saskatoon writer Sarath Peiris for an amusing tale about a borrowed boat and wet pants.

Waterworks II - One year later, the borrowed boat breaks free of its moorings under cover of darkness.

Harvest Time - A city boy tries his hand at combining while the Rolling Stones sing Jumpin' Jack Flash on the radio.

Mush! - Let mushers Susan Carr and Bradley Muir take you on a thrilling and emotional dog-sledding marathon from Prince Albert to La Ronge, and back again.

Vanishing Owls - Canada's burrowing owls are in steep decline in spite of efforts by environmentally-friendly farmers.

P.A. Has Real Thing - Classic Coke in the classic glass bottle: only in Saskatchewan.

High Tributes - Aerial photographer Doug Chisholm creates unique tributes to Saskatchewan's war dead using images of the northern lakes and islands named after them.

Duck Derby - The success of the annual Lumsden Duck Derby lies in allowing a great idea to evolve.

Circle Central - Saskatchewan is the national hot spot for crop circles. What's going on out in those wheat fields?

Ghost Toast? - Is the famous phantom of the Moose Head Inn really gone for good?

Up! - Clear skies and a widely dispersed population make Saskatchewan a great place for stargazers.

Run Long - Running with a team of huskies through Saskatchewan's boreal forest is an experience quite unlike any other.

Unassuming Relevance - We can learn much about a place from its cemeteries, says Regina writer Claude-Jean Harel.

3D Auction - People interacting with people, in person, is why the country auction will never be replaced by ebay.

Saskatchewan Birds - It's only fitting that the province that gave North America its first bird sanctuary has its very own bird book (book review of Saskatchewan Birds).

A Better Birdhouse -- Ron Bittner's goal in life is to design the best bluebird birdhouse in the world. And he's not alone.

Erratics Rock - Large boulders strewn across the prairies by glaciers may harbour a wealth of human and natural history.

Drumlin Drive - A road map illustrating the origin and nature of Saskatchewan's plains, valleys, craters, highlands and bedrock formations is now available to the public.

Images of Saskatchewan - Just that.

Blooming Wild - How to identify the beautiful wildflowers growing all across Saskatchewan.

Sask-Factoids - Bite-size facts about the only province in Canada that's shaped like an isosceles trapezoid.

Legacy of Stone - It's estimated 500 to 1,000 fieldstone buildings once stood in Saskatchewan. Join us on a tour of noteworthy ones still standing.