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Grey Owl's Cabin - The first half of the story focuses on a hike to the cabin of the late naturalist and writer, while the second half is all about the man himself.

Grey Owl Biography - The skinny on Grey Owl.

Living off the Land - Meet the Bashutski family, typical Saskatchewan grain farmers.

Tales of Wood - A profile of Saskatoon wood-turning artist Michael Hosaluk.

Guy Vanderhaeghe - Two-time winner of Canada's highest award for literature.

What, Me Worry? - Sculptor Joe Fafard is renowned for his amusing cows and caricatures.

Teach a Man to Farm - William Motherwell taught new settlers dry-land farming techniques.

Computers and Clay - Down to earth and out in cyberspace with potter Michelle Harris.

Rum Runner Moon - Laurence 'Moon' Mullin is the last of the 'tunnel crawlers' from Moose Jaw's wild Prohibition days.

Tales from the Boozorium - The late Butch Carroll had an interesting after-school job in the 1920s; he was a rum runner.

Mastering Gold - Saskatoon goldsmith and designer Megan Broner apprenticed with an Italian master but has a style all her own.

The Sudeten Saga - Anti-Nazi tradesmen, teachers and journalists were secreted from occupied Europe to begin life anew as Saskatchewan farmers.

Count Imhoff - German Count Berthold Von Imhoff created an unlikely island of Italian High Renaissance art within the rolling and wooded farmland of St. Walburg.

Saskatchewan's Own - Twenty-five Saskatchewanians who've made their mark.

The Scots are Coming! - Bob and Lesley Young left Scotland to farm in Saskatchewan, and now they're inviting their friends to join them.

Where Pigs Fly - The extraordinary Village of Englefeld, where community spirit is a tangible resource.

Gabriel Dumont - Vancouver writer Gordon McIntyre looks at the life of the brilliant Metis military commander who personified the spirit of a people.

Co-op Toques - From Tisdale to Tinseltown with Saskatchewan comic Brent Butt.

The Giant Beaupre - At 8'2", he was worth as much dead as alive.

Horse Trading with Sir John A. - Fur trader Jean-Louis Legare showed skill and compassion during the Riel and Sitting Bull affairs.

Looking Glass - The Glass Wheatfield gave artist Jacqueline Berting critical acclaim and a popular following. It also spawned a mini industry of glass wheat.

Wide Mouth Mason - A Saskatoon band gains momentum opening for the Stones.

Ten Years After - Former Saskatchewan Roughrider place-kicker Dave Ridgway looks back at the boot that won the 1989 Grey Cup.

Etching Ivory - David Goldsmith uses woolly mammoth tusk in his scrimshaw because it's plentiful, and its use doesn't threaten wildlife.

Range Rider - Not many people can tell you the trick involved in "swimming" a herd of cattle across a river. Meet oldtime cowboy Pete Perrin.

Master of Willow - Jim Steadman is the best bent-willow furniture maker in Canada.

Bottled Combines - Preeceville's Don Paterson builds combines in bottles. The subject matter is more appropriate than ships, for a retired farmer.

G'day Eh? - Here's an Aussie with one heck of a great outlook on life.

The Infamous Sam Kelley - To the gentle burghers of Debden, he was just another homesteader. But Sam Kelley, alias Red Nelson, had a secret.

Bill Barry - Bitulithic, a long-ago quarrying operation located near Aylesbury, provided rock for roadways across the Prairies.

Bill Barry - People places expert Bill Barry looks at the life of Karl Lorch, the man who invented the 'snowplane'.

Jordan Cook - This young blues guitarist from Saskatoon is getting the attention Maclean's Magazine says he deserves. Attention from people like B.B. King, for instance.

Bill Barry - Bill discovers a new and fascinating tale about the origins of the name Bredenbury, a town near Yorkton.

To the Top - Saskatchewan's Denise Martin is the first Canadian woman to visit the North Pole. And she got there on skis.

Saskatchewan's Own 2 - From business, the arts, comedy, science, sport and more, here are another 25 Saskatchewan folks who made their mark.

Bill Barry - British poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson's favorite nephew Bertram spent much of his short life on the Prairies, including a stint as a stage driver in Moosomin.

Bill Barry - Bill pays tribute to Corky Jones, a "bone hound" whose discoveries laid the foundation for dinosaur research and tourism in southern Saskatchewan.

Bill Barry - Why did an aristocractic Englishman, with business interests from Sacramento to Montreal, chose to live near Moosomin, Saskatchewan?.

Place and Pottery - Potter Mel Bolen's place is in Saskatchewan. And he's likely going to give it away to a young potter in a few years.

Bill Barry - Bill's "tales from the hills west of Moose Jaw" include the story of Patrick "Paddy" Doyle, the last surviving member of the North West Mounted Police.

Hero for Hire - Victoria Cross hero and surgeon Campbell Mellis Douglas played a curious role in the North West Resistance of 1885.

Saskatchewan's Own 3 - Joni Mitchell isn't the only Saskatchewan woman to score a million seller on the pop charts. Read the third instalment in our series about accomplished Saskatchewan folks.

Comet Tale - Saskatchewan resident Vance Petriew staked his claim on a piece of the Heavens with his 2001 discovery of Comet Petriew.

Winging It - The life of a Mountie stationed in northern Saskatchewan in the early 1950s could get pretty interesting, especially when bush pilot "Lefty" McLeod was around.

Funny Guy - Saskatchewan born comic Brent Butt is flying high with his half-our sit-com Corner Gas, on CTV. It's prairie humour with wide appeal.

The Adamites - Here's another Bill Barry tale about fire-and-brimstone preachers from the U.S. who were decidely wrong in their belief Saskatchewan's Doukhobors were their soulmates.

Place and Person - Sure, we are what we eat. But we're also tightly bound to—and part of—our place.


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