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Places of Interest

The Fish Aren't Talkin' - Indian legend tells of a mean-spirited beast in Turtle Lake. . .

Men in Red - The RCMP Centennial Museum in Regina illustrates the storied history of the force.

Sunset Ceremony - A photo essay on the RCMP Sunset Retreat Ceremony.

The Loons of Anglin Lake - The highest density of loons in North America.

Sand, Wind and Time - The Great Sand Hills region is one of the most surprising and delightful places in Saskatchewan.

August@Home - Vancouver journalist Gordon McIntyre reflects on his home province of Saskatchewan.

Nature's Itinerary - The Kleins aimed to explore the famous song-bird habitat of Dore Lake. But Nature intervened.

T.rex Plus - The marquee attraction at Eastend's new dinosaur centre is "Scotty" the T.rex. But there's plenty more to see and do at the T.rex Discovery Centre.

A Moment in Time - Fossilized dinosaur dung sheds new light on T.rex and his environment.

Secret Sands - The intriguing but fragile Nipekamew Sand Cliffs can't afford publicity.

Riskan Hope - Riskan Hope farm is a familiar site to people travelling from Regina to Saskatoon. Far less familiar is its congenial history.

Mayfair Hardware - It's the place to go when you can't find it anywhere else. But it's also the place to go when you're not sure what you're looking for.

Dief Centre - From scale model cars to Magna Carta, there's always something new at The Diefenbaker Canada Centre.

Outlaw Rule - The Early Days in the Canadian West weren't nearly as tame as some suggest.

The Badlands - Canyons, buttes, vultures, cacti, cowboys, Indians, outlaws and Mounties. The Big Muddy is an intriguing place.

St. Victor Petroglyphs - These rock carvings near Assiniboia may hold clues about some of the earliest residents of the northern plains.

Yesterday Tomorrow - Beautiful surroundings, a lively cultural scene and an absorbing history make The Battlefords popular with tourists. And history could make it much more popular in the future.

Our Beach - Southeast Saskatchewan's Good Spirit Lake features one of the "child friendliest" beaches in the province. It's become a favorite for Paul Yanko and his family.

New Digs - The Tunnels of Moose Jaw is an interactive, underground journey through the underworld of Moose Jaw in the Roaring Twenties.

Engaging History - Story, legend and history come together in Moose Jaw to great raw material for a tourism industry.

Robertson's - Visitors to La Ronge should not miss the opportunity to drop in to this one-of-a-kind store. Say "Hi!" to the trappers.

Duck Lake's Outdoor Gallery - Colorful murals illustrating historic events, characters and landmarks adorn walls at a dozen locations in this small community just north of Saskatoon.

Spa Splendor - Book ahead of time, well ahead of time, if you wish to experience Moose Jaw's extraordinarily popular Temple Gardens Mineral Spa on a weekend.

Dog Town - The only place in Canada to observe the fascinating animal community known as the prairie dog town is Saskatchewan.

A Wheat Museum - Hepburn's old Pool elevator has won a new lease on life. It's now the Hepburn Museum of Wheat.

Red Serge Plus - Fort Qu'Appelle's rich history of fur trading and Mounties is well represented in artifacts at the local museum. But the real gems are found among the other stuff.

Valley of Legend - The setting for The Legend of the Qu'Appelle Valley, by the late Metis poet E. Pauline Johnson, today is cottage country and one of the most popular, four-season recreation spots in Saskatchewan.

Baker's Coulee - The Red Coat Trail in southwest Saskatchewan cuts through arid countryside between Shaunavon and Eastend. But 10 minutes north of the road lies one of the prettiest regional parks in Saskatchewan, and memories of the extraordinary man who developed it.

Fit for a River - Canoeing expert Laurel Archer has written a book reviewing 15 northern Saskatchewan river journeys, giving the would-be canoe tripper the opportunity to choose one that fits her skills and abilties.

Shumi and Rumely - The Western Development Museum's "Heritage Farm & Village" branch in North Battleford offers a comprehensive view of our rural past, with a few surprises.

Luck and Legacy - The building housing Casino Regina has a fascinating history.

Chitek Repose - With paved roads almost all the way there, nice beaches, good fishing, and lots of other lakes nearby, it's no wonder Chitek Lake is becoming a popular spot.

Danceland Dig - This classy old dancehall located on the shores of mineral-rich Manitou Lake has echoed the sounds of music and laughter for many decades and it's still going strong.


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