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Established in 1996 and launched in March 1997, Virtual Saskatchewan exists in online format only. It's an independent, advertising-based publication owned and operated by me, David Yanko (with a whole bunch of help in the early days from my brother Paul).

I'm schooled and experienced in the craft of reporting and also have a freelance writing and editing business (check out or call 306-290-5378). Oh, and I'm proudly parochial about my province.

If you've read this much, you should know the Virtual Saskatchewan website was created by communications inc., a Saskatoon-based Web design company that's among the best in North America. Thank you Ryan and Tony. Big kudos to Shaynne, Lee and Blair, as well.

You should also know this website is hosted by BlackSun, a Saskatoon company that's casting a "bright shadow" beyond provincial boundaries. Thanks, as well, to Darlene, Janice, Peter and Kevin from the former Northern Lights Internet Solutions and The University of Saskatchewan.

I welcome your questions.

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