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@sk Dave

Once upon a summertime, my wife and I made a spur-of-moment decision to take a weekend getaway (this was before kids, of course). As we thumbed the tourism brochure in search of a nice rental cabin on a pretty lake, we soon realized we had a problem: In Saskatchewan, there is no shortage of pretty lakes with rental cabins. How to choose?

Is the place primarily a fishing or a family-vacation resort? Is the lake weedy, treacherous, full of bloodsuckers? Jet skiers? Are the beds comfortable, the cabins clean, the grounds well tended, the showers hot? Do the bug screens fit the windows? Are campfires allowed? Is the firewood free and plentiful? Are the owners, well, you know, accommodating?

Important questions, these. Then as now, though, it's not always easy to find answers to them.

We were lucky. We found a spot that suited us to a "T". Don't ask about our later stay at the Mosquito In(n).

At Virtual Saskatchewan, we often receive e-mails from people asking about accommodations. It occurred to me that my wife and I could have used someone like me when we were trying to find a suitable place for that weekend getaway. Someone who had visited many of the parks and recreational areas and knew the province pretty well. Someone who could have offered a couple of suggestions based on our interests, preferences and circumstances. Someone with no obligation or inclination to treat all those places as equals.

If you're looking for a weekend (or week-long) getaway and you still value personal experience and word-of-mouth recommendations, give me a try.

That's it. Now @sk Dave

Legal stuff: This service is not affiliated with any provincial tourism organization or lodging interest. Dave and Virtual Saskatchewan accept no liability for decisions made on recommendations. Any Virtual Saskatchewan advertiser recommended will be identified as such.

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