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Casino Moose Jaw

Casino Moose Jaw
Casino Moose Jaw.

About 40 minutes west of Regina on the Trans-Canada Highway lies the City of Moose Jaw, home to a thriving tourism industry that includes Casino Moose Jaw.

The $12.5-million facility operates in conjunction with its sister casino in Regina. Casino Moose Jaw is a 12,000-square-foot gaming centre featuring scores slot machines, a roulette table and a number of poker tables including a "Texas Hold 'em".

The casino is an exciting addition to a tourism and entertainment industry that's transformed Moose Jaw from a slumbering little prairie city into a mini-tourism mecca that many flagging North American cities would just love to emulate. Few, however, have the raw material Moose Jaw employed to revitalize its economy.

During the Roaring Twenties, when Prohibition turned off booze taps in the United States and Canada, Moose Jaw was a central distribution point for "rum runners" smuggling illicit liquor into the U.S. Situated on a rail line that led through Minnesota into Illinois, Moose Jaw's "Chicago Connection" is rumoured to have included visits from big gangsters like Al Capone. Moose Jaw has built a thriving tourism industry on the tunnels used by the rum runners and by persecuted Chinese immigrants before them.

Casino Moose Jaw

When the casino opened on Sept. 6, 2002, associated promotional material played to the city's strong suit with the slogan: "The twenties roar again—a celebration of Moose Jaw's colourful history through art and architecture." If there was any doubt before then, it was clear Moose Jaw was on a roll.

Casino Moose Jaw is located at 21 Fairford Street East, across the street from Temple Gardens Mineral Spa. For information about Casino Moose Jaw and Casino Regina, visit their Web site. For Casino Moose inquiries phone (306) 694-3888.

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