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  Mixed Grassland

Landscape: This is the driest area of the province, with few trees, lakes (with some notable exceptions) or other permanent water bodies. But it includes some of the most diverse landscapes in the province, including glacial lake plains, sand dune areas, the rugged and romantic Big Muddy Badlands near the U.S. border, hilly country along the Missouri Coteau and the vast and natural Grasslands National Park.
Open grassland and coulees provide habitat for pronghorn antelope.

Wildlife: Pronghorn antelope, white-tailed and mule deer, horned lizard, prairie rattlesnake, jack rabbit, coyote, Richardson's ground squirrel and western painted turtle are found in this diverse region. Canada's only population of black-tailed prairie dog is found here, as well. Birds include ferruginous hawk, long-billed curlew, yellow-breasted chat, chestnut-collared longspur, burrowing owl and sage grouse.

Fish: Northern pike, walleye, rainbow trout and perch. Fishing Guide

Recreation: Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, on the southern leg of Lake Diefenbaker, offers good bird and other wildlife viewing.
Exposed bedrock along valley walls is typical of "badlands".
The Great Sand Hills, near Leader, is a fascinating place to spend an afternoon hiking amid active sand dunes. Grasslands National Park, near Val Marie, features a self-guided eco-tour of preserved prairie grasslands, including one of the last prairie-dog communities on the continent. The Big Muddy Badlands, just north of the U.S. border near Big Beaver, is a ruggedly beautiful valley of hoodoos and caves, where Butch Cassidy and other outlaws sought refuge from the authorities. Urban area: Swift Current (pop: 15,000).

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