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  Athabasca Plain

Landscape: The most outstanding feature of this region is the spectacular sand dune area on the south shore of Lake Athabasca. It's the most northerly, active sand dune region in the world. Some of the dunes in this 100-kms stretch (60 miles) are more than 30 metres high (100 ft) and hundreds of metres long. The dunes are home to a dozen plant species that grow nowhere else in the world, including: Turnor's willow; sand chickweed; and Mackenzie hairgrass.
Fire is a natural and important part of the boreal forest ecosystem.
Wetlands are less numerous in this region, with Lake Athabasca a gargantuan exception. Other prominent features of the region include eskers, drumlins and flutings, which mark the path of the glaciers during the last ice age. Young and open stands of jack pine are prevalent in the sandy, dry soil, with pine-spruce forests found in the drumlin areas, and white birch and black spruce common in lower slopes of the dunes.

Wildlife: Populations and diversity are low compared to elsewhere in the Shield. Localized populations of moose, black bear and timber wolf are most prominent. The migratory barren-ground caribou and associated arctic fox sometimes winter here. Birds commonly found in the region include the white-winged crossbill, Cape May warbler, Bohemian waxwing and blackpoll warbler.
Cigar-shaped hills (drumlins) mark the direction of glacial advance.

Fish: Cold-water species like lake trout, arctic grayling and whitefish, in addition to northern pike and walleye, are common to the lakes of this region. Fishing Guide

Recreation: Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Wilderness Park is reached by flying to Uranium City and boating across Lake Athabasca. Recommended for experienced wilderness campers only. There are six, designated, no-service camping areas. Fires permitted only in certain areas of the park. Several fly-in fishing camps are found in this region, as well.

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