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  Mid-Boreal Upland

Landscape: Area immediately south of the Shield features a varied landscape that includes steeply sloping and eroded escarpments, hilly glacial till plains and level plateaus. Loamy, gray soils produce taller trees than in the Shield - aspen, white spruce, jack pine, black spruce and tamarack are common. Somewhat less densely watered than the Shield.
Mixed stands of spruce and aspen are typical of the southern boreal forest.

Wildlife: High populations of moose, woodland caribou, mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, black bear, timber wolf and beaver. Birds include white-throated sparrow, American redstart, bufflehead, ovenbird and hermit thrush.

Fish: Northern pike, walleye, whitefish, lake trout, rainbow trout and perch. Narrow Hills park features seven species of trout. Fishing Guide.

Recreation: Some of the most popular, as well as some of the most remote parks in the province are situated within this ecoregion. Prince Albert National Park offers a full range of recreational activities, including excellent winter camping and cross-country skiing. Clearwater River Provincial Wilderness Park encompasses some of the most spectacular scenery in Saskatchewan, with wilderness canoeing and camping, as well as guided whitewater rafting and canoe tours. Candle Lake Provincial Park features good swimming, hiking, golfing and horse-back riding opportunities, as well as a resort village and a wheelchair accessible pond stocked with rainbow trout, and cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter.
This ecoregion is the centre of Saskatchewan's timber industry.
Narrow Hills Provincial Park is popular with hikers and anglers - 25 stocked lakes, small museum, wilderness camping. Meadow Lake Provincial Park is a chain of 25 clear lakes fed by the Waterhen River system, with camping, hiking, horse-back riding, golf and some of the best beaches in the province. Wildcat Hill Provincial Wilderness Park is an undisturbed wilderness area with a challenging terrain of forest, swamps and rivers - it's recommended for experienced back country hikers and campers, only (no facilities). Duck Mountain Provincial Park, home to picturesque Madge Lake, offers a full range of summer recreational activities (including wheelchair accessible camping), as well as downhill and cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling in the winter. Drive- and fly-in fishing camps.

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