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Wanuskewin: Seeking Peace of Mind - A world-renowned celebration of Northern Plains Indian culture, near Saskatoon.

Turkey and Tobacco - 'Thanksgiving' can fall on any day of the year for traditional First Nations people.

Endangered Stones - The revered and mysterious medicine wheels of the Northern plains are in jeopardy.

Powwow Drums - World-champion Red Bull is one of the best aboriginal drum groups in the world.

Visions on Rock - The aboriginal rock paintings of the Churchill River may represent spiritual 'vision quests'.

Plains Indian City - The area that's now Saskatoon has been inhabited for 6,000 years. And one archaeologist says its time the city reflected that fact.

Culture and Spirit - Medicine woman, educator and an expert on Woodland Cree culture, Sally Milne is also an artist who makes exquisite birch bark bitings.

Nature's Guardians - Traditional Woodland Cree culture tells of elfin beings who protect Mother Earth and disseminate information about herbal medicines.

Poundmaker - He was on course to become the principle leader of the Plains Cree until a questionable conviction landed him in prison, and eventually killed him.

Playing Poundmaker - It's difficult to imagine how anyone could bring more to the role of Cree Chief Poundmaker than Saskatoon actor Tyrone Tootoosis.

Mistaseni Rock - Before dams on the South Saskatchewan and Qu'Appelle rivers created one of the most popular recreational spots in Saskatchewan, the Lake Diefenbaker area was home to a large rock held sacred by First Nations peoples.

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