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  Selwyn Lake Upland

Landscape: Precambrian rocks form a broad and sloping upland with numerous lakes and prominent sandy ridges. While numerous bedrock exposures are common in this area, most are covered by sandy, glacial deposits which give this region a more subdued appearance than the Tazin Lake Uplands to the west.
Black spruce with lichen ground cover is typical of this ecoregion.
This is a sub-arctic transition zone, where boreal forest in the south gives way to tundra in the north. The trees are shorter and forests more open than elsewhere in the province, and some of the soils are permanently frozen. Black spruce and lichen are common to the region.

Wildlife: Comparatively sparse populations of moose, black bear, timber wolf, arctic fox, wolverine and snowshoe hare. Barren ground caribou usually migrate into this region during winter. Birds include Harris's sparrow, tree sparrow, gray-cheeked thrush and pine grosbeak.

Barren-ground caribou migrate into this region in the winter.

Fish: Lake trout, arctic grayling, walleye, northern pike and whitefish are found in the region's lakes. Fishing Guide

Recreation: Several fly-in fishing camps.

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