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  Mid-Boreal Lowland

Landscape: A relatively flat, low-lying region dominated by wetlands but featuring, amid the well-drained levees of the Saskatchewan River flood plain to the south, some of the most productive and varied forest land in the province. Large white spruce, balsam, poplar and aspen, as well as hardwoods like American elm, green ash and Manitoba maple are found here.
Vast expanses of fen peatland are typical of this ecoregion.

Wildlife: The levees, which are built up by the periodic deposition of river sediments, are a productive wildlife habitat, but populations of moose and woodland caribou are not as dense as in the Mid-Boreal Upland. The common loon, Canada warbler, ruby-crowned kinglet and white-breasted nuthatch are birds common to this region.

Fish: Northern pike, walleye, lake trout, and some perch. Fishing Guide.
Sedges, along with a few stunted trees, characterize the fen peatlands.

Recreation: Cumberland House Provincial Historical Park, the site of the first inland Hudson Bay Company fur trade post (established in 1774), includes museum and remnants of steamboat and powder house. Drive- and fly-in fishing camps.

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