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  Tazin Lake Upland

Landscape: Ancient, Precambrian rocks that rise more than 100 metres (325 feet) above the surrounding terrain create a rugged, almost mountainous landscape. Steep, upper slopes are usually treeless, with black spruce and jack pine prevalent in the sandy, lower slopes.
Willow ptarmigan often winter in the Tazin Lake Upland.
White spruce is found in the valleys and shorelines of the numerous small lakes and streams typical of the Shield.

Wildlife: Black bear, wolverine, moose and timber wolf inhabit this region, with the migratory barren-ground caribou and associated arctic fox often appearing during winter. Birds include red-throated loon, greater yellowlegs, white-crowned sparrow and golden eagle, with willow ptarmigan appearing during winter.
The terrain is decidedly rugged on the north shore of Lake Athabasca, but large, rolling sand dunes are the focal point on the south shore.

Fish: Lake trout, arctic grayling, whitefish, as well as the walleye and northern pike are found in the cold waters of this region. Fishing Guide

Recreation: Fly-in fishing camps. In the Athabasca Plain ecoregion on the south shore of huge Lake Athabasca sits Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park (750 kms northwest of Saskatoon). It's an environmentally sensitive area that's home to many rare plants and the world's most northerly sand dunes, some 30 metres (100 ft) high.

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