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  Churchill River Upland

Landscape: Pure and rugged Precambrian Shield, with lakes and their connecting rivers and streams accounting for 40 per cent of the area. Bedrock outcrops a common characteristic, however, local relief seldom exceeds 25 metres (80 feet).
Numerous lakes are linked by streams to form regional drainage.
Sandy soils support low stands of black spruce and jack pine, while white spruce and aspen occur sporadically in the clay soils found in the eastern portion of the region.

Wildlife: High populations of moose, woodland caribou, black bear and timber wolf, among many others. Region contains the second-highest density of nesting bald eagles in North America. Connecticut warbler, northern three-toed woodpecker, osprey and red-breasted merganser are common.
This ecoregion is North America's second-largest nesting area for bald eagles.

Fish: Lake trout, arctic grayling, walleye, pike and whitefish. Fishing Guide

Recreation: Churchill River is famous among canoeists. Lac la Ronge Provincial Park offers hiking, boating (a thousand islands), jet-skiing, swimming - ancient Indian rock paintings and breathtaking Nistowiak Falls nearby. Historical, enigmatic, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, is at Stanley Mission.

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